“The Perfect Gift” almost seems delusional with every individual’s taste being different. That’s why gift cards make a lot of sense.
It’s easy to place individual or bulk orders and request digital or physical delivery. Digital platforms will give you the opportunity to send instant cheer by SMS. You can also celebrate special moments with the ones you love by sending them our physical gift card.
This gift card will give you the freedom to choose products from our wide range of collections. You not just pamper them with plenty of choices but you also show you care because you want to give them what they really want. This is where the concept of gift cards comes handy which is a win-win situation for you and the receiver.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Physical Gift Cards available of BDT- 1,000 BDT &, 5,000 BDT
2. For Digital voucher payment should be advance.
3. Digital Gift voucher provide via SMS within 48 hours after payment confirmation. Gift voucher delivery time (10 AM to 06 PM) Except holidays.
4. By using this Gift Card/voucher customers can purchase from all of our Top Ten Mart Ltd & Top Ten Fabrics & Tailors Ltd stores.
5. Customers will be allowed to buy only regular price products (Fresh merchandise) which means discounted products (old merchandise) will not be sold through gift Cards.
6. The customer has to buy a product equal to or more than the value of his gift card/voucher and used in a single invoice.
7. One can purchase multiple items using one Gift card/voucher. If the total payable value exceeds the Gift cards/voucher value, an extra amount can be paid in cash or other available option suggested by the store. But if there’s any remaining that can’t be claimed as Cash.
8. Gift Card/voucher validity is for 6 months from the purchasing date.
9. Gift Card/voucher one time use only.
10. It is not possible to replace a gift card/voucher if it is lost or stolen
11. Membership discount & others discount are not applicable by this gift card/voucher.
12. Customers cannot purchase “Cosmetics” and “President” bag items with these gift cards/voucher from the store.

13. Gift cards/voucher is not applicable for Tailor service.
14. Return policy not applicable for this item.
15. Top Ten Group Authority has the right to extend, change the terms and conditions at any time.

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